Tastemade UK Launch Party

iUVO is a digital design and marketing partner for various London food companies and restaurants, we were kindly invited to the UK Launch Party of the Tastemade London studios.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Tastemade they are a global phenomenon when it comes to making addictive foodie videos featuring bakers, chefs and ideas from all over the world. The app they have created allows users to save their favourite videos of recipes and follow their favourite ‘Tastemakers’.

Tastemade now have five studios, L.A, Säo Paulo, Buenos Aires, London, and Tokyo. The company really have set the standard for video entertainment making their videos accessible on nine platforms from Apple TV to Snapchat. The business has expanded quickly since its 2012 launch in Los Angeles.

iUVO were invited to the launch by our clients London & Partners who officially work to promote London on an international scale and have been working with Tastemade to help set up their London Studios. It was good to see what our clients have been up to recently as they continue to build relationships across the globe while using London as a platform for business

The studios were like stepping into many different kitchens set up for filming with live streams on TV screens DJs and food from Grill My Cheese, The Duck Truck, The Stamford Larder and Vicky’s Donuts with cocktails made by Dirty Bones. Live streams went out on the Facebook Page during the launch party with bloggers such as The Topless Baker Matt Adlard, and Kate Murdock and chef Jack Lucas creative cake genius Georgia Green. It was fun to see the behind the scenes action of the videos and taste the local vendors, Vicky’s Donuts being a firm favourite :).

The people invited were a mix of bloggers, friends of the Tastemakers and local business people – Tastemade work a lot with companies and use sponsorship to create revenue either with one off videos or a series of videos using specific products which are then presented to their massive following.

The launch party was a fun way to see the behind the scenes action of the videos and taste the local vendors and an insight into the Tastemade culture.

A highlight was a room dedicated to the Tiny Kitchen a comedic series featured on their website which shows the Tastemade staff cooking dishes on a micro scale. After following the success of the other studios and the constantly growing success on social media we hope the Tastemade UK Studios can continue the success and we hope to see more creative videos to satisfy our taste buds! #nomnom


About Tastemade

Tastemade make addictive videos that speaks the right language.  The way we watch video has changed, and quality entertainment that inspires people should be available to everyone, everywhere. Tastemade has set the standard for mobile entertainment. In just a few years their community has grown to over 100 million people watching their videos across a huge range of channels, devices and apps, from the web to Apple TV, Facebook, and Snapchat. Discover the world’s best homemade pizza recipe or find a hidden gem in a distant city. Experience unique moments from around the world, and get closer to the culture and local flavor along the way.

About London & Partners

London & Partners is the official promotional company for London. They are a not-for-profit public-private partnership, funded by the Mayor of London and our network of commercial partners.

Their aims are to build London’s international reputation and create additional jobs and growth for the London economy.  Their mission is to tell London’s story brilliantly.  They do this by attracting overseas businesses, events, congresses, students and visitors to London and helping London businesses go global.

London & Partners were established in 2011, replacing three predecessor organisations – Visit London, Think London and Study London. With a combined and expanded remit, London & Partners is a stronger advocate for London across the world.