Aqua Di Parma – In Villa

Design is about creating products or experiences that are aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing to all senses…. Be it look. sound touch and smell…. feeling. So after experiencing Aqua Di Parma – In Villa, my senses were triggered to feel wonders… from seeing the box, picking it up, feeling it, squeezing the green lime and hearing the hiss of the perfume being released began the snesory emotions rolling.

Imagine you are in an Italian mountain, in a lovely Villa, surrounded by farmland, peach, pear, lime and apple trees, stunning Hockney-esque blue pool, bee’s flying in the distance gathering nectar off the side of the hill there is a lemon orchard. In a clearing underneath the trees stands a long rustic oak table with fresh food scattered over it surrounded by chairs for all your friends and family to be seated, the sun is beating down through the trees, the sound of ocean waves in the distance, take a deep breath…

mmm bottle that moment and thats Aqua Di Parma – In Villa. Love the bottle and the fragrance.