Macellaio is Italian for Butcher, RC stands for Roberto Costa put the two together you have one of the best Italians restaurants in the London. We were initially asked to manage social media channels which quickly led to digital strategy, email marketing, digital advertising, website recreation, photography, video production and social media content creation.

Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Social Channel Management

Working with the client over 9 month period our goal was to help increase bookings across all three locations. We helped launch of the fourth restaurant in Battersea, using data gathered from their online booking websites and analytics from the internal sales system we were able to create a clear customer profile understanding behavioural patterns, online trends to formulate a digital strategy using email marketing, social media, paid advertising and localised event promotions. 

Recruitment Driver

We set up targeted Facebook, Instagram and Linked In campaign and created a recruitment video interviewing key members of the team to encourage viewers to join the MRC family.!

Content Creation

Along with a new website, email marketing campaign, weekly photoshoots we also undertook the digital marketing for the new restaurant launch, over delivering expectations by generating full bookings for over 4 weeks after opening.