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3 Top Tips to promote your restaurant

iUVO are a design and digital agency. We have over 15 years award winning experience helping brands reach out to their customers using the latest technology to drive strategy, creativity and content distribution for global brands and start ups. We’d like to share our 3 Top Tips to help promote your restaurant.

1. Instagram stories

Make the most of Instagram Stories! Instagram stories are really hot right now, so be sure to take some photos at your events, summer specials or behind the scenes, saving them to your highlights at the top of your profile. It such a wonderful way for people to quickly learn more about you.

2. User generated content

Did you know that user generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion vs everyday posts? Incentivising customers to post photos with a simple table graphic will not only be a great driver for new content, you’ll increase positive brand sentiment, and drive non-biased engagement.

3. Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers not only encourages more engagement, it builds consumers’ trust, reassuring future purchase decisions.

94% of marketers who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, generating up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising.

With an astonishing 2.2 billion people using Facebook, 800 million using Instagram and 88% of people are influenced by online reviews/comments, its clear to see why social media is such a vital tool to help grow your business!

How we can help

With specialist hospitality experience we’ll act as your off-site social media and digital marketing team to manage everything from strategy, to content creation and channel management to deliver a profile that’s right for your business and help increase repeat business and attract new customers.

  • Social media & community management
  • Target local influencers that are right for your brand
  • Write and distribute engaging press releases
  • Thumb-stopping content creation & storytelling
  • Gifting celebrities your experience or product
  • Graphics that drive customer engagement & repost opportunities
  • Video, photography, graphic design & branding services

Our experience spans across some of the world’s leading brands and restaurants. Recently iUVO were appointed to undertake the Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Social Channel Management for the Macellaio RC restaurants. We helped increase bookings across all three locations and assisted with the launch of the fourth restaurant in Battersea. Using data gathered from the online booking and internal sales systems we were able to define a clear customer profile and understand behavioural patterns, customer trends and formulate a digital strategy to achieve increased bookings at quieter times.

As a result all restaurants saw a direct increase in bookings after our work and the new restaurant was fully booked for 8 weeks after launch as a direct result. We provided training and support for the client to continue managing the accounts in house. >Read more

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