Figtree Network

Working closely with the in house designers at Figtree Network iUVO redeveloped their website. Playing close attention to user experience and information architecture and usability the website aggregates content from each section of the website and feeds it onto the homepage. Versions for Paris and Hong Kong offices have also created.
The page layout is made of a 2 x 6 ( Row x Column ) matrix layout supporting multiple sized content blocks.

– Each block may be made up of a combination of column widths.
– The biggest block uses up all 6 columns and the smallest a single column
– The system creates variant sized images for the other combinations during image upload
– This can provide maximum flexibility in choosing and switching between the layouts.
– Height are adjusted to accommodate the content block with the maximum height.
– Empty spaces fill up the areas for the smaller blocks in the same row.
– During article entry a feature allows the user to choose ( or experiment with ) the appropriate layout.
– There are 6 image variants supported by this layout

The end result is a beautiful long organic homepage full of great work that has been aggregated from each section of the website.

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